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What You Should Do If Your Child or Pet is Locked in the Car

Excessive heat throughout the summer can lead to heat exhaustion for pets and animals left outside for too long. In the rush to get from place to place and stay on schedule, you may lock the car too quickly, accidentally leaving your keys, dog or child inside. If you accidentally lock yourself out of the car without a spare transponder key readily available, follow these tips to regain access to the car while keeping your loved one safe.

Remain Calm

This can be a traumatic experience, and it is important to remain calm in order to resolve the situation safely and efficiently. Take several deep breaths as you proceed through the rest of the situation and its resolution. Panicking may also cause distress to your child or pet and exacerbate the situation. If your child is able to move towards a lock, coach them through unlocking the door from the inside.

Call 911

If your phone is outside of the car, call emergency services immediately. The dispatcher will be able to help you navigate through the next steps, as well as keeping your child or pet safe while waiting for assistance to arrive.

 Keep the Car Cool

If possible, try to cover your car’s windows in order to keep it cool. If available, use blankets, towels and jackets to keep direct sunlight from hitting the glass. Within ten minutes, the interior temperature can increase by up to 20 degrees, making the car unbearably hot even on a temperate day. If you have parked in partial sunlight, try to coax your dog into an area of the car with more cover as you wait for help.

Safely Gaining Access to the Vehicle

After contacting emergency services, call an automotive locksmith. Someone with the tools and skills to get into your car safely will be dispatched to your location immediately. They will be able to pick the lock without damaging your vehicle, safely getting your child or pet out as quickly as possible.

Waiting for help to arrive is not always an option. If you are in a remote area and your child or pet is noticeably being affected by the rising heat, you may need to break a window in order to get them out quickly. In order to avoid injuring your child or pet, choose the window furthest away from their seat. Protect your hand before breaking the window by wrapping a shirt or jacket around your fist.

Spare Transponder Key Cutting & Programming & Auto Lockout Services in Bedford & Lexington, MA

After a situation like this is over, the best thing to do is to duplicate your transponder key in order to prevent this from happening again. A spare set will ensure that you will be able to get back into your car quickly if you are ever locked out again, with or without someone else locked inside. Keys 4 Cars provides key programming, duplication, and automotive lockout services across Middlesex County. If you require emergency locksmith services, Keys4Cars can be reached by calling  1 (800) 341-3734 or by filling out our online contact form.

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