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What Should I Do if My Car Lock Freezes?

Winter is quickly approaching in Massachusetts, with nighttime temperatures dropping to the single digits. If your car lock freezes and you cannot get the door to open manually, there are several ways you can go about thawing the lock out and getting back on the road.

Spray the Area with De-icer

Living in Massachusetts, you are probably used to the cold weather and the possible issues that can arise. Before a long, cold stretch, stock up on cans of aerosol de-icer at your local gas station, supermarket or home improvement store. The spray will quickly melt the ice off of the lock and the door handle, allowing to you get back on the road and on your way in a matter of minutes.

Use Your Hair Dryer

If you are home and you have a nearby, outdoor electrical outlet, you can use a hair dryer to expose the lock to heat. Due to the tools involved, this may not always be an option for you and may be best suited for a home emergency. While blasting the hot air at the lock, make sure you shield the hair dryer from any wind that may blow by in order to make the process move quickly.

Contact a Professional Locksmith

While getting your door unfrozen and unlocked on your own may seem more convenient, working with a professional is safer and will prevent damage from being done to the lock itself. For example, you may try to heat your key in order to thaw out your lock, but excess heat can lead to chips in the lock and misalignment. Chipping away at the ice can damage both the lock and the paint on your vehicle. Calling a professional automotive locksmith will ensure that you regain entry to your vehicle safely, without damaging your car.

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