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I Lost My Car Keys, Now What?

You may find yourself misplacing your keys countless times throughout the day, but do you know what steps to take if you actually lose your car keys? Whether you have a spare set or are completely locked out of the vehicle, there are several things to do to regain access.

I Have a Backup Set

If you have a duplicate set of keys that can be accessed by someone you trust, call them immediately to have them get your keys and bring them to your location. If your key is lost for good, you will need to make an appointment with an automotive locksmith in order to have a new set cut and programmed to pair with your vehicle.

I Do Not Have Backup Keys

You may not have thought that a spare key was a necessary purchase when initially presented with the opportunity and never got around to it afterward. If you do not currently have an extra set of keys, you will need to call a locksmith near your location. An on-call locksmith will be dispatched to you in order to safely unlock your car and program a brand-new transponder to pair with the internal computer. This process will wipe out the previous programming, so any previous chip key for the car will not be able to unlock it or start the ignition. This protects your vehicle in case your keys are found or were stolen. If your car was manufactured prior to 1995, our locksmith will be able to reconfigure the lock to match the teeth on a new key.

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If you are in need of automotive locksmith services in Middlesex County, contact Keys 4 Cars today! Our team of locksmiths is on-call 24 hours per day, helping you back into your vehicle day and night. We will be able to unlock your doors and trunk without causing damage to the rest of the car. Keys4Cars can be reached by calling  1 (800) 341-3734 or by filling out our online contact form.

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